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Kelsey + Adam (Milwaukee Engagement Photography)

November 16, 2012


Kelsey and Adam met me during the peak of the fall colors, the PERFECT time for an outdoor session in the leaves! Their love is so fun and playful, and it was amazing to be able to document them. Being themselves. In love. I am even more exciting for your wedding next July, Kelsey and Adam!!


LOVED Adam’s plaid shirt! And below on the right is one of my favorites!! Kelsey…are you kidding me?! Gorgeous!!

After the leaf fight I had them lay down and catch their breath  :)  Some of my all-time FAVORITE engagement photos resulted!!!

Glad that Adam thinks I’m funny – he has such a great smile, right?!

Right at the end of the session Kelsey surprised Adam by bringing along their jerseys for a few frames! A thoughtful way of making sure Adam got some photos of them in their Packer gear – brilliant!!


  1. curt Noack says:

    What a goergeous bride to be. Great pictures . Can’t wait for your special day.

    Love you both,


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