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Film Photography on Your Wedding Day

November 26, 2014

A really great question that I’ve been getting from my clients recently is “I see that you incorporate some film photography for weddings, what exactly does that mean for us?”

)  You’ve probably already read a bit about WHY I use film photography, but here’s some helpful info about what it means for you as my clients! First of all, my goal is to document your unique wedding day as it unfolds, from my perspective and in a very flattering way. Then I edit all of the images to be very true to life, correct color and tone according to the natural light, all while retaining a timeless quality. In other words, I want the images to give a true sense of how everything looked on your wedding day, documenting each moment and detail to preserve those memories for you and your children! It’s true that I mix film into my workflow, and to create a consistent tone to the day, I color correct all of my images to flow as seamlessly as possible from one image to the next, and that includes the film images. When you get your images back, the colors will be as true and consistent as possible, both film and digital. 

)  The file format will also be the same – all of your images will be delivered as .jpeg (picture) files in your custom-built online wedding gallery. Even the film! Following your wedding day (and/or engagement session) I send my film to a professional film lab and they develop the film, scan each frame with high-resolution technology, and send me the final .jpeg files. I do any necessary post-processing and editing, and then include those files in your online gallery as well! I want to tell the story of your day in the organic order that it happens, from start to finish, and that is how I choose to lay out my client galleries online. So naturally I incorporate the film images in your online gallery right along with all the digital images of your day, all in the same file format (.jpeg picture files). This means easy printing and sharing, as well as stunning albums, and you probably won’t even be able to tell by looking at the images which are film and which are digital!

)  As you might guess, the delivery time is then exactly the same as the digital images, via your custom online gallery! Since film takes about 3 weeks to mail to the lab, develop, scan, etc., all of your engagement or wedding images are delivered as quickly as possible, typically in about 4 weeks. That gives me ample time to also process your digital images and color match as closely as possible to the film images, again to keep images from your day consistent. This allows me to give you an amazing result – the naturally unfolding story of your day documented in an artistic and beautiful way!

Have any more questions about how this works, or want to work together? Email me, I’d love to hear more about you and your vision for your wedding day!


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