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You’re engaged and navigating one of the busiest seasons of your life. You’re planning for a very special day - not only your wedding day but the first day of your marriage!

You’re doing lots of research, sifting through vendors, and honestly, you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. Who do you choose, and how do you know who you can TRUST on such an important day? Who will share your vision + keep your best interests in mind?

I’m here to tell you that you can find the right photographer! For every couple, there’s a ‘right fit’ for a photographer. One who understands you, gets your vision, and cares about putting YOU first on your wedding day. I've photographed 125+ weddings over the past 11 years, so I can help to guide you through this exciting time.

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Simply put, I work with couples who can't imagine not having wedding images that you love. Not simply to have them, but to remind you of WHY you got married in the first place, to remind you in the hard times as well as the happy times, where your marriage all began. All of those small moments as well as the big moments of your wedding day will be fully documented.

You're deeply rooted in that love and commitment for each other, and that's why I document weddings -- to preserve that first day of your marriage so you can pass on those images as heirlooms to the generations after you. Some of the happiest moments of your lives will live on forever because you're choosing to hire a professional wedding photographer.

Camping, hiking, yoga or an evening on the patio. Any place I can soak up some sunshine or take in beautiful views makes me feel refreshed + recharged.



Almost any kind of tacos, and a bonus if they come with a side of guacamole and sour cream. My favorite local spot is Gypsy Taco, but the best tacos I’ve ever had were in Puerto Vallarta. I usually make tacos at home at least once a week.



While I love being home, I also love exploring and experiencing new places, food, and cultures. Some of my favorite areas I’ve visited include: Greece, Mexico, Grenada, Southern California, Seattle + Charleston. Next up? Italy!



I’m most comfortable at home snuggling my goldendoodle puppy, Milly! My husband and I got her in late 2019, and she's been our sweet sidekick ever since. Milly is super smart and loves her puzzle toys, rides in the car, and socializing at dog daycare. She's the best!



I'm a distance runner, but mostly do it for the enjoyment and not as much for the competition. I ran my first half marathon in summer 2018, and my goal is to run another half marathon and a full marathon in 2021!



Is photography one of your top priorities for your wedding day? If so, we’re on the same page; your images are the only thing that remains of your wedding day once the dancing is finished and your cake has all been eaten. If you place a high value on your photography and the entire experience surrounding your photos, we share that vision!




Do you want to have amazing, timeless images from your wedding day without sacrificing the whole day for photos or feeling like you’re in a photoshoot? Me too, I want you to feel relaxed, completely yourself, AND enjoy as much time as possible with your guests who all came to celebrate you! Your time is very valuable. Especially on your wedding day.




You’re not 100% (or really at all) comfortable in front of a camera, and you’re unsure of how to look natural. You’re not alone, most people feel that way! I work very closely with my couples + provide directions, but also allow space for the candid un-posed moments to happen all on their own. My idea of fine art is combining those guided portraits with all of the naturally occurring moments of your day.




Do you want to feel relaxed + fully present wedding day? Looking for high quality, personalized attention on your wedding day that sets you at ease and allows you to relax + feel taken care of on the wedding day? I work with a very limited number of couples each year to ensure that I get to know my couples on a personal level + provide them with a tailored, luxury experience so they can be fully present.




You’re looking for input and a professional’s advice about wedding day photography timeline, locations, and value input from an experienced source who you can trust! You should receive everything you need to make the day unforgettable. My clients receive access to my client lounge with advice about timelines, vendors, locations for photos, etc. that comes from my 7+ years of experience.




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