Paine Art Center and Gardens Wedding // Jillian + Victor

Paine Art Center and Gardens Wedding // Jillian + Victor

February 14, 2020

Paine Art Center and Gardens Wedding

Jillian + Victor met through friends, and it’s quite funny how they didn’t actually it it off at first. They’re both some of the nicest people I’ve met, but they each have their stubborn sides (from the stories I’ve heard). You’d never know about their beginnings because all you see when you meet them is this magnetic, undeniable spark between them. I was thrilled to get to photograph their vows at their beautiful Paine Art Center wedding.

Even in the short time I was with them for their engagement photo session and wedding day, I noticed how attentive Victor was to Jillian. Not only that he loved her but that he cares for her deeply as a partner and best friend. And Jillian, she can’t keep her eyes off of Victor. When they laugh together, they really laugh hard. Aside from being drop-dead stunning, my favorite thing about Jillian is her laugh. Just trust me, it’s a good one. I feel like if you have make her laugh, you’re ‘in.’ Victor, keep making her laugh like that forever, and you’ll both be happy.

The Wedding Day

Not only was their day gorgeous, but they put SO much love and thought into each detail. From the venue/location, to the champagne after the ceremony, to their out-of-this-world fun dance party, they truly thought of everything. The cherry on top was their custom feature film by Vaughter Films, that they aired during their reception. Lee and Trisha are geniuses of video, they interviewed Jillian + Victor beforehand. They also filmed many of their family and friends who helped tell their love story and set the scene for their special day. (And you can check out their breathtaking wedding video by Vaughter Films here!)

Jillian + Victor, thank you for bringing me onto your team for the wedding day! It was incredible to spend over a year working alongside you leading up to the wedding day. I can’t even imagine all the beautiful adventures you’re going to have together. Cheers, wishing you all the love possible, and sending SO many hugs to you both!!


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