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Choosing the Dress

February 18, 2019

Wedding Dresses in Milwaukee

When it comes to choices for your wedding, most brides agree that one of the best statement pieces of the day is her dress! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t count myself as a dress expert (I’d wear yoga pants or skinny jeans most days if it were up to me), but I am here to tell you that there is not a “standard” way of finding the perfect wedding dresses in Milwaukee. You have options, ladies!

bride getting ready, classic, romantic gold and burgundy red winter wedding in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, photo by Laurelyn Savannah Photography

Personally, I believe there are multiple routes to finding the one. There is no “wrong way” to go about it really, but my favorite two are listed below. I like to call them ‘searching’ and ‘designing.’ By reading this, I hope you feel even more confident in making your dress decision!


For the bride who is likely more of a type A personality – you want to be in control of the process, and you have the confidence to search for the perfect gown even if it means trying on 100! You know your dream dress is out there, whether it’s a mermaid, ballgown, or any shape in between. You are thrilled (and maybe even a little emotional) as you slip into the potential dresses, and bring your best girls and family along for the occasion! Ladies that fit this description, I love your confidence! I can understand how you enjoy that trying-on, and the whole experience visiting the boutique with your bridal party (or family). A couple wonderful boutiques in the Milwaukee-area are White Dress Bridal Boutique, Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique, and Bliss Bridal. BHLDN is also a short distance away in Chicago.


For the bride who wants something different, custom, and a work of art! Bridal Salons? They’re not so much your thing, and I hear you, ladies. This is where custom dressmakers like Alyssa Kristin (also found at Miss Ruby), Love Lives HereAbby Lynn Bridal, and Monirose come in!! There are several very talented designers and creators based right here in the Midwest, in Wisconsin and Illinois specifically. Above all, they each have an artistic vision for each dress based on the bride (you!), your love story with her husband-to-be, and the entire setting of the wedding.

bride and groom portraits at Discovery World new pavilion, elegant and modern lakefront wedding in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin with NYC flair, photo by Laurelyn Savannah Photography
A boutique salon can be exactly the right route if you want it to be a family/friends experience that you can have with your favorite people surrounding you! If you want to try on a few, and get that excited feeling thinking about the trying-on process, then buying from a boutique is probably right for you! Your dream dress is out there, you might just have to try on several to find it.

Oh, and do yourself a favor, make sure you opt to go to a an actual bridal gown store (NOT David’s Bridal) where they have consultants readily available to help you select gowns for your personality, body shape, wedding style, and budget, as well as finding high-quality gowns that won’t fall apart on your wedding day. I’ve had a couple clients who, despite how gorgeous they looked on the wedding day(!!), were disappointed with their buying experience, service, and overall quality when shopping at a huge, non-personal retailer like David’s Bridal. It might be an unpopular opinion, but I want to save you some heartache during an already busy/stressful planning time.

Bottom line, your gown experience should be fun! So take your time looking, and once you make a decision, stick with it and put on your blinders to all other dresses out there. Trust me, you’ll feel happier with your decision when you don’t play the comparison game every season when new styles are introduced.

bride and groom portrait, glamping and chic safari romantic outdoor wedding at Milwaukee County Zoo, Wisconsin, photo by Laurelyn Savannah Photographybride and groom portraits, classic and romantic gold wedding in downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin, photo by Laurelyn Savannah Photography

Thanks for reading, and happy wedding planning, friends! You can find more tips on groom’s attire here on my blog next week!

  1. JAMES STOKES says:

    What a great idea! These are so lovely… great post :)

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  3. […] I blogged about choosing a wedding dress and how it relates to the bride’s style, so this time it’s the groom’s […]


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