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Jamie + Beau // The Farm at Dover, Outdoor Garden + Barn Wedding // Milwaukee, WI

July 21, 2015



After getting engaged in the Forbes Castle belonging to Beau’s family line in Scotland, Jamie + Beau quickly began planning their dream wedding in rustic, rural Wisconsin at the Farm at Dover. Jamie’s BHLDN gown + accessories complimented her perfectly, and these two surrounded themselves with loving family + friends as they said their tearful vows to one another under a stunning, raw branch arch in the garden. On such a busy + emotional day, one would think Jamie + Beau might be anxious or nervous beforehand, but they seemed so calm + collected as they had their first look, greeted + hugged guests, and then proceeded down the aisle.

As I was able to witness them closely on their wedding day, I noticed how relaxed + effortless their love truly is – making each other smile, laugh, and constantly wrapping their arms around each other. Jamie + Beau, I wish you this amount of happiness each day of your marriage, and I know that you’ll daily commit to each other as you did on your beautiful wedding day. A lifetime of blessings + much love to you both and your sweet families! Thank you for the honor of documenting this momentous day for the two of you.

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Dating: 2009  //  Engaged: September, 2014  //  Married: June 13, 2015

Jamie (from Beau): Adventurous, determined, amazing   //  Beau (from Jamie): Creative, kind, affectionate

Jamie: Occupational therapist  //  Beau: Craft brewery sales rep

Engagement story: (from Jamie) We got engaged last fall in Scotland! Beau had traced his family line back to the Forbes family in Aberdeen, Scotland. He arranged for us to stay at the Forbes Castle for one night, and proposed after dinner in front of the fireplace.

Wedding style + feel: We were going for a vintage-inspired, rustic look. The majority of our décor was either antique or hand made.

Most memorable part of the wedding day: My most memorable part of the day was the ceremony. We had written our own vows, and it was so special to exchange them for the first time in front of all our family and friends. Our good friend Jason officiated the wedding and he did an amazing job. My next favorite part was the speeches. So fun to hear all the memories and advice our friends and family had for us!

If you could change anything about the day, it would be: I would get a manicure before the wedding. I also didn’t make time to practice the first dance, so I felt that I was looking at my feet the whole time!

Advice for couples planning a wedding: Enjoy the day! This is one of the only times you’ll have all of your friends and family together in one room, so love every minute of it!

Wedding Creatives + Vendors

Ceremony + Reception: The Farm at Dover  //  Bride’s gown: BHLDN  //  Bride’s accessories + veil: BHLDN  //  Bridemaid’s gown: J.Crew  //  Groom’s attire: vintage  //  Paper goods: created by the bride  //  Catering + Cocktails: Ball + Biscuit  //  Desserts: homemade  //  DJ: DJs Couture  //  Photography: Laurelyn Savannah Photography

(film – Portra 400, Fuji 400H, Portra 800, Ilford Delta 3200  ::  cameras – Pentax 645N, Contax RX  ::  lenses – 75mm 2.8, 50mm 1.4)



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