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Kelsey + Bill // Retzer Nature Center Engagement // Milwaukee, WI

July 30, 2015

Kelsey + Bill chose one of the best session locations in the Milwaukee area, Retzer Nature Center, filled with open fields, forests, and picturesque trails overlooking the glacier-formed hillside country. It fits so well with their outdoor-loving personalities, as well as with their upcoming wedding venue near Spring Green – Sugarland Barn.

These two native Wisconsinites met while in the Air Force, moved a few times while in the service, and currently reside in Oklahoma. For our session together, they brought along their German Shepherd, Holly, who has been such a big part of their lives throughout many moves (being stationed and moved around between a bases), and she is such a loyal companion + constant for them. Kelsey + Bill came prepared to laugh, snuggle, and enjoy our time together at Retzer, and I enjoyed watching them interact in such a sweet + tender way during our engagement sessions. As in the case of all of my couples, they are not models and mentioned being a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera in the past, but with a little encouragement + direction they truly fell into each others arms + enjoyed each other and their beautiful surroundings. K+B thank you from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful time together, and I’m even more looking forward to your wedding day this October!


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(film – Portra 400, Portra 800  ::  camera – Pentax 645N  ::  lens – 75mm 2.8)



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