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How to Embrace the Rain on Your Wedding Day

June 10, 2015



Fact: if it rains on your wedding day, you can still create breathtaking + fine art images. This Schlitz Audubon Nature Center Milwaukee wedding is a perfect example: Kristin + Timm planned a lovely, organic, nature-inspired day, and truly embraced the chance to take some romantic photos in alternative spots like underneath overhangs or on a covered porch.

In case inclement weather is a concern for your outdoor wedding, these two are proof that if you keep a positive attitude, create a backup/weather plan and hire professionals who come prepared with a plan + vision, you will never regret the resulting images. I’m not trying to praise myself, rather point out that K+T’s trust in their creative professionals to do their best work despite the weather was astounding, and allowed them to relax and focus on the most important outcome of the day – their marriage. To be honest, their attitude and determination to make the most of ANY situation + weather created such a beautiful + comfortable environment for us during their portraits. Kristin + Timm were all smiles throughout the overcast day, proving that you can embrace the rain and have an amazing first day of marriage.


2-Kristin-Timm-wedding-milwaukee-schlitz-audubon-nature-center-rustic-organic-authentic-boho-elegant-outdoor-wisconsin-lodge-fine-art-natural-light-midwest-wedding-photographer-photo 3-Kristin-Timm-wedding-milwaukee-schlitz-audubon-nature-center-rustic-organic-authentic-boho-elegant-outdoor-wisconsin-lodge-fine-art-natural-light-midwest-wedding-photographer-photo 4-Kristin-Timm-wedding-milwaukee-schlitz-audubon-nature-center-rustic-organic-authentic-boho-elegant-outdoor-wisconsin-lodge-fine-art-natural-light-midwest-wedding-photographer-photo 5-Kristin-Timm-wedding-milwaukee-schlitz-audubon-nature-center-rustic-organic-authentic-boho-elegant-outdoor-wisconsin-lodge-fine-art-natural-light-midwest-wedding-photographer-photo 6-Kristin-Timm-wedding-milwaukee-schlitz-audubon-nature-center-rustic-organic-authentic-boho-elegant-outdoor-wisconsin-lodge-fine-art-natural-light-midwest-wedding-photographer-photo


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