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May 9, 2013

Recently, I had a SUPER sweet out-of-state couple contact me about their wedding next summer. You’re probably thinking, what’s so special about that? She mentioned that the two of them will be in town in a few weeks and said it was probably quite old-fashioned of them, but that they would love to meet me in person if I was available. Well, you can call me old-fashioned too because I love love LOVE to meet couples in person if at all possible! I cannot emphasize enough how much this helps both of us to determine if we are the right fit.

Although I am naturally a more reserved and quiet girl, when weddings are the topic I can’t get enough! Seriously, I’m quite the wallflower, but when I’m comfortable (a.k.a. getting to talk to you about your wedding!) I could listen alllll day about you two, and also offer a little insight and experience of my own!

cup of coffee and Kinfolk Magazine, photo by Laurelyn Savannah Photography

I wasn’t always very confident about my meeting clients. To be quite honest, when I began my business it was one of my worst fears. What if I got to a meeting and just completely blanked on what I should say? What if the couple thought I wasn’t dressed “professionally” enough?  OR worst of all… What if they just plain didn’t like me?! I found it to be quite a lot of pressure, until I heard TONS of helpful advice from Jasmine Star and other wedding photographer mentors about how to conduct meetings – having fun while also being professional. Then it was like a lightbulb went off in my head! I’m not trying to sell myself to people, not really, at the heart of it it’s about meeting people who have commonalities, being a great listener, and building trust the same way as you begin a friendship! WHEW, talk about a load off of my shoulders!

So now when I am fortunate enough to meet my potential clients in person, I feel WAY more comfortable because we are just getting to know each other in a no-pressure situation. Many of the same principles apply to video chat/FaceTime meetings as well, obviously, but let’s be real – there’s just something about sharing stories over a cup of coffee, at least in my opinion.

Ultimately, I have to thank each of my couples that take the time to meet with me and share their love story – whether it’s in person or online, it’s ALWAYS nice to see your smiling face as you tell me your engagement story, how you’re head over heels for each other, and your plans and dreams for the first day of your marriage. Cheers to you guys for your support and trust.


  1. Totally hear you girl!!! Congratulations!!! You are kicking butt and I am loving all of your BEAUTIFUL work!!! :-)


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