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Why I love engagement sessions

May 24, 2013

A topic I’m in literally in love with – engagement sessions! Let me tell you, after having Jon and my own engagement session this past week with our photographer Emily, I have even more reason to love these types of sessions!!! Not only was Emily incredible, but the entire experience was SO FUN & EASY!


Enough about me though, I want to talk a little bit about why, in my humble opinion, engagement sessions are a great idea!


1) It’s a warmup for the wedding day!  This gives you as a couple the chance to get cozy in front of my lens, and also helps me to get a feel for the way we will work together! Often I can’t get enough of the cuddliness, genuine fun we’re able to have, and AMAZING locations that my couples choose for their session!! Whether it’s wandering through a flowering field, hiking a weathered rustic property, or exploring some historic city streets, I aim to document your love for each other in places where you feel most like yourselves :)


2) To soak in this special time in your life.  If you ask a recently married couple, they will likely say that their engagement just flew right by!! This is a chance to slow down and enjoy these moments with your sweetheart before the big day. Really cherish and document this chapter in your life and reflect on your relationship.


3) You get to be 100% yourselves.  We get to do some activities that you love! Whether it’s riding bicycles, walking your dog, cooking dinner together, camping in the great outdoors, or simply cuddling up on the sofa together, let’s document the things you enjoy doing together. I’m game for anything! Ask my couples, I’ve perched on fences, climbed all over in fields and leaf piles, and trudged through over a foot of snow, and I’d do it all over again in a heart beat.


4) Some casual/lifestyle photos for your home.  Most couples (myself and Jon included!) don’t have their photos professionally taken together until they are engaged, so this gives you a perfect opportunity to get some artwork to decorate your home, give to family members, or to have as keepsakes and pass on to your future family. Since on your wedding day you will be in a beautiful gown, an engagement session gives us a chance to be a little more adventurous and maybe go to some locations that wouldn’t be accessible in a dress! One of my personal favorites  is when couples incorporate their fur babies (a.k.a. dogs) into the session as well!! :)


5)  It’s just plain fun!  Enough said, right?!





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