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How to Select Decor for Your Elegant + Relaxed Outdoor Wedding

September 11, 2015


1 // Consider the surrounding environment.
Keep in mind the natural setting of your wedding venue, whether it’s a vineyard, an open field or garden, a forest, or a barn, and try to blend the style with what is organic to that area. If you can, work with a stylist or planner to hone in on a specific vision + they will help you bring your dreams to life! For example, this Greenhouse Wedding Inspiration pulled elements from the gardens + surrounding fields, combined earthly metallic tones and neutrals, and showcased a casual + elegant style. With the help of The Bride Consultant, Alluring Blooms, Aeva Bridal, Lakes Area Rental, Brush and Petal, and Dana Welch, the ceremony setting + tablescape were works of art!

2-elegant-relaxed-wedding-decor-wisconsin-milwaukee-minimalist-kinfolk-organic-natural-earthy-inspo-inspiration-fine-art-wedding-photographer-photo 3-elegant-relaxed-wedding-decor-wisconsin-milwaukee-minimalist-kinfolk-organic-natural-earthy-inspo-inspiration-fine-art-wedding-photographer-photo

2 // Create an inspiration board.
Whether you choose to make a Pinterest board, collect photos from wedding magazines, or screenshot lovely squares you find on Instagram, keep a folder or board with your inspiration!

3 // Add personal touches + style. Do you and your fiance have a favorite pasttime or hobby? A cherished love quote or song lyrics? How would your friends describe you as a couple?

Think about little pieces of your personality that you can infuse into your wedding day in a tasteful way. Some of my couples who love travel + adventure have used destinations/landmarks as their table names in place of table numbers. Another beautiful idea is to have your favorite love quote scripted on paper or wood + displayed at your reception. Perhaps if you enjoy gardening, place a small sprig of herbs at each place setting for dinner. If you’re music lovers, you could hire your favorite local band to play for the cocktail hour. The possibilities are endless if you dig deep and incorporate what makes you unique as individuals + as a couple.


4 // Ask for help where you need it.
Would you like handwritten place cards for each guest, pretty invitations, or calligraphy signage for example, but don’t have the time or skills to make your own? Consider hiring an event stylist or calligrapher to help you out with those smaller details so that you can focus on enjoying the months + weeks leading up to the wedding. They will be able to do a beautiful job for you, and chances are they will be able to do it in much less time because they do this as their career + specialty.

6-elegant-relaxed-wedding-decor-wisconsin-milwaukee-minimalist-kinfolk-organic-natural-earthy-inspo-inspiration-fine-art-wedding-photographer-photo 7-elegant-relaxed-wedding-decor-wisconsin-milwaukee-minimalist-kinfolk-organic-natural-earthy-inspo-inspiration-fine-art-wedding-photographer-photo

5 // Don’t hesitate to hire a florist to make your floral dreams happen.
DO hire a florist – they are experts! They know whats in season, how many stems you will need, how much time it will take to construct your arrangements, keeping them hydrated, what’s involved in transporting fragile buds, and SO much more that we as flower-admirers do NOT know.

I’d consider myself a floral enthusiast, but I would never try to craft bouquets for 8 ladies, boutonnieres for 8 men, several ceremony designs, 20 centerpieces…you can see where this is going. A small get-together with friends might be a fun way to exercise your floral creativity, but a once-in-a-lifetime event for 150+ guests is not. With so many things going on at once and lots to plan for, you’ll be a much happier bride if you hire a professional to bring your dreams to life!

Nothing says rustic, relaxed elegance like a flowing compote-vessel centerpiece at your reception or a loose, organic bouquet to carry. Your florist can help you create exactly the look you are hoping to achieve, taking into account the season, color palette, and setting of your wedding day.

8-elegant-relaxed-wedding-decor-wisconsin-milwaukee-minimalist-kinfolk-organic-natural-earthy-inspo-inspiration-fine-art-wedding-photographer-photo 10-elegant-relaxed-wedding-decor-wisconsin-milwaukee-minimalist-kinfolk-organic-natural-earthy-inspo-inspiration-fine-art-wedding-photographer-photo

6 // Lastly, remember the rentals.
My guess is that you likely don’t have 150+ chairs sitting around in your home that you’ll use for your ceremony or reception seating. Not to worry, there are plenty of rental options when it comes to chairs, tents, linens, centerpiece vases, dishware, glassware, and so much more. The best part? Most of these companies deliver + set up your rental pieces for you, ensuring that you get exactly what you ordered and don’t necessarily have to do the heavy lifting. If you’re working with a stylist or planner, they can also be very helpful in choosing pieces that fit with your wedding style + color palette. They have coordination down to a science, so don’t hesitate to garner their opinion on what will fit best in the space and achieve your desired look.



(film – Portra 400, Portra 160  ::  camera – Pentax 645N  ::  lens – 75mm 2.8)



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