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December 3, 2014

This wreath is so easy, even YOU can do this one! With the holidays quickly approaching, you are busier than ever and have little time and and maybe no crafting skills (I barely have any either), but this process is simple and fun! In the time it would take you to eat a few of those Christmas cookies you’re planning to bake (or buy), you can make a festive wreath to spruce up your home this winter. 15-20 minutes folks, that’s all it takes.


This is a beautiful, loosely-gathered and natural-looking wreath that can be crafted in just 4 steps. Here’s the rundown of materials you will need:

         >>   2-3 varieties of cut pine or other greens (cedar, fir, balsam, spruce, juniper)
         >>   grapevine wreath for the base (available at most craft stores)
         >>   garden or kitchen shears/scissors (got this cast iron shears from Ebay for $5!)
         >>   optional but recommended: apron (pictured apron is from Small Batch Production)
         >>   optional: string or floral tape (if you want added stability)


Step One //  Gather branches and cut the first two or three to the desired length (we used branches ranging 7″-10″). You’ll want to trim the rest of the branches as you go for desired length, rather than cut them all beforehand. Give yourself some room to experiment, and remember there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to make a wreath.

Step Two //  Begin by taking the first couple of branch segments and insert the cut ends into the grapevine wreath, leaving the greenery ends hanging off of the edge at a bit of an angle outwards if you like a looser look. Be sure to secure and weave them far enough inside the ‘body’ of the grapevine wreath so they don’t come loose. It may take a few branches to get the hang of it, but you can easily rearrange and redo branches to your liking! (This is where you can use the optional string or tape to secure the branches, if you want to add structure.)

Step Three //  Continue adding branches to create the desired look, layering different varieties to add some texture. I started the project on the left side of my wreath (pictured below), and worked my way counter-clockwise around the wreath to fully cover the cut ends of the branches.

Step Four //  Feel free to add sprigs and branches in if you see empty spaces that need filling later on, that’s what we did! This is especially easy when you stand back and look at the wreath from a distance, so don’t be afraid to pause and look it over. We chose to cover only 3/4 of the wreath in pine branches for a more organic and rustic look, so it’s completely up to you how many branches you want to add! You’re now finished, congratulations on being this much closer to ready for the holidays!! Now go celebrate by enjoying some hot chocolate and sappy holiday movies :)

A big thank you to my local Milwaukee fashion blogger friend Katelyn of Katelyn Now for being my model and helping me with this project to get us all in the holiday spirit, as well as Lizzi for letting us use her space!!

(film – Portra 400  ::  cameras – Pentax 645N and Contax RX  ::  lenses – 75mm 2.8 and 50mm 1.4)


  1. Rhonda says:

    Looks great, so easy. I love the rustic look!

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