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Rachel + Bryan (Milwaukee Lake Park & Brewer’s Hill Engagement on Film)

January 17, 2014

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Rachel & Bryan are going to be married this August, and when they asked about a winter engagement session, I was over-the-moon excited!! Any reason to slip into those winter boots and use that pretty snow, and WOW did we luck out with a beautiful day – light flurries made the absolute most amazing winter scene I can imagine! The hazy Milwaukee skyline, I mean could any city look more dreamy?!


Enough about the snow though (but seriously, I loved it) – these two were so well prepared for our time together and are adventurers down to their very core! They got engaged while on a mountain hiking trip in Montana this summer, so trekking around the park and lakefront was all too natural for them. Even the snuggling didn’t take much prompting, you can just FEEL how much they love each other by spending even a little time around them. Oh and Rachel’s amazing flannel shirt? Yeah, she was coincidentally wearing that when Bryan proposed! LOVE that!! (might have to steal the shirt, too).


Thank you, Bryan & Rachel for entrusting your engagement and wedding photography to me, I feel beyond honored! I can’t wait to see and hear about all the adventures you two take as husband and wife, starting this August and for many years to come :) Much love to you both!!


All photos taken on film – FujiPro 400H  ::  cameras – Contax 645 & Contax RX  ::  lenses – 80mm 2.0 & 50mm 1.4


  1. Rachel says:

    You have made my day Laurie! The pictures look amazing. Thank you so much for braving the cold to shoot our pictures! You have a true talent.

  2. Bryan says:

    Look at these photos, incredible! You can make a cold, snowy day look perfect. Super excited to see what August will bring and relieved to know our wedding pictures will turn out amazing!

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