Why we’re honeymooning 6 months post-wedding

On Friday we are leaving for California to attend one of my dear friend’s weddings, and then finally having our honeymoon. We’ll be traveling to San Francisco to explore the city as well as staying a stone’s throw from the redwoods of Muir Woods, our accommodations being a treehouse and then a small suite overlooking the ocean. Thank goodness for air bnb and all it’s eclectic + beautiful places to stay.

Back to the real reason for this post, the reason we are taking such a late honeymoon. Actually it’s tough to type without crying on my keyboard, but here goes. It’s honestly because my husband is the most kind + understanding partner I could ask for in this life.

He really is, listen to this: rather than ask me to choose between himself or my clients, he didn’t make me choose at all. He encouraged me to, if I felt up to it, work with these couples to document their own special day, shortly after our own.

So the truth is, we didn’t honeymoon because several clients, who feel like my soulmate-clients, contacted me about their weddings in mid to late September and early October immediately following our wedding weekend. No regrets on my end at all. Also, my couples were not only understanding of the fact that I would be out of touch on our wedding weekend (and would answer emails + communication as soon as I returned home), but they were also so encouraging and supportive! They offered well wishes for our day, and I could not be more thankful for each email, text message, and virtual hug. I know I take on way more than I ought to sometimes, and find it difficult to say no because of all the wonderful couples I hear from + have the opportunity to meet.

To my husband – thank you for understanding that this career is anything but predictable for me, but that I do it out of love + service to my clients, who I highly regard. Thank you for supporting my decisions, and not forcing me to choose. For putting up with the occasional late nights or dinners missed. For telling me to put away my work and come relax, or calmly just reminding me to take a deep breath when you realize I feel rushed. I know that each day I get to spend with you is full of ordinary + everyday moments that piece together to make our life. These are the moments I’ll never forget, and will replay them in my mind on the hard days, the happy days, and every day inbetween. I love you.




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