These Big Dreams

I swore my heart was beating about 10x what is normal or healthy.

My husband and I found out that our (rental) home was being sold, and we would have to move in a little over 30 days. It felt like a HUGE bomb had been dropped, and I saw no way out of it but to begin looking for a new place to rent. The thought of already leaving our first place as newlyweds was heartwrenching, but something inside me was urging me to see the bigger picture. Why might this be happening to us?

My initial shock has worn off, and now I believe it was to lead us to something better. Maybe now is the right time for us to buy our own home. Maybe it’s time for Laney to have a yard to run + play, and time for us to find a space that’s all our own. After all, this is my off-season, right – don’t we have time to move?!

Well, the ‘off-season’ for me as a wedding photographer is always anything but a break in the action. Though I dream of warm vacations and adventure-filled travels (and I’m fortunate to be able to take some time off), the everyday is far from sitting poolside with a craft beer in hand. I wouldn’t trade it for the world because I LOVE what this adventure of a job allows me to do and the people I’m able to meet + serve. But I admit, it’s mostly filled with emails, behind the scenes work, running the numbers, HARD work, and of course, big dreams… but not an extended or glamorous tropical vacay. Rest is important for all of us, but so is putting in the hard work.



I’ll be honest, these past few weeks (actually pretty much all of this calendar year) have passed in a whirlwind of tax calculations and house complications. Of course, I still aim to be positive and thankful for each new day, but at times it’s a struggle to be optimistic. I’m guessing you’re been there too. I’ve been able to keep my sanity because of my supportive husband and family (and snuggle time with Laney), and I’m infinitely grateful for professionals like my tax accountant and our realtor. We’ve been fortunate enough to find a wonderful first home to purchase, and now we’re currently working on closing. An exhausting but very rewarding and eye-opening process. I know that things will happen as they’re meant to, and I’ll be just fine. And you know what? You will be too!

So this spring whether you are feeling the pressure of tax time, working to get in better shape, or just trying to keep up with life + work balance, you can DO this. If you’re struggling with where you are currently in your life or career, you are not alone! Keep dreaming big, seeking inspiration + advice from others, and holding yourself accountable while you are working with all your might to achieve those goals. Don’t fear hard work – tackle it head on, and then take time to enjoy your life.

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