Why we chose an unplugged wedding

My husband and I got married last September, and I felt very strongly that we should have an unplugged wedding ceremony. For those who might not know, it means that guests are kindly encouraged to set down their phones, cameras, and other devices and be present, both mentally and physically. Why did we choose this? For several reasons that were meaningful to us:

One  //
  I wanted to see all our friends and family’s faces instead of a sea of devices. We hired a very talented photographer, and I wanted her to have every opportunity to document our loved ones throughout the ceremony – again their faces, not their screens.

Two  //  I’m a firm believer in being present. It says something positive about you as a person, and that presence of mind allows you to be aware of what’s actually going on around you and enjoy life to the fullest.

Three  //
  Although it might not have suited everyone, I doubt anyone was deeply offended by the request. When the ‘unplugged ceremony’ request is presented in a kind way (and the benefits are pointed out), guests are more likely to take notice and happily honor the bride + groom’s wishes.

If you feel the same, you might consider having an unplugged ceremony as well! The request can be listed on a chalkboard, wooden sign, or any number of creative ways to encourage guests to take notice. There is an abundance of inspiration on wedding blogs or Pinterest, or you can come up with your own method of displaying your request. We were so glad we made this choice, and I sincerely hope you consider having an unplugged ceremony, too! Photos of our wedding by Emily Steffen.


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