Top 7 Milwaukee locations for photo sessions

If you live in or have visited Milwaukee, you know its a beautiful place. Somehow it has the ability to remain, season to season, an interesting and ever-changing landscape. Many clients ask where I prefer to hold their engagement or lifestyle sessions, so let’s dive into my 6 favorite locations in this city for taking photos!

1 //  Milwaukee’s Lakefront / McKinley Marina & Beach: If you’re like me and love being near the water, these spots might be ideal for you! Keep in mind it can get breezy due to the wind off of Lake Michigan, but if you’re laid back and don’t mind potential windy conditions, you will end up with some stunning backdrops of both the skyline and the beach/marina areas in Milwaukee.


2 //  Lakeshore State Park: This dog-friendly spot is perfect for those who want an organic backdrop without a far drive from the city. In fact, this small island park sits right in Lake Michigan and includes views of the lake, Milwaukee skyline, as well as a large pedestrian bridge that leads to nearby Discovery World. (Note that a permit is required for photography)


3 //  Colectivo Coffee: Not only do these folks brew up some wonderful coffee, but they are kind enough to allow photos on their property! I make sure not to disturb customers, and these locations are the perfect mix of rustic, industrial, and urban. Colectivo makes a high-quality product, and their storefronts feel both high-end and inviting, so basically location heaven :) They have several cafes in the area, my favorites being the Walker’s Point, Third Ward, and Lakefront locations.


4 //  Retzer Nature Center: While not technically in Milwaukee, Retzer Nature Center is just a few miles away in the Waukesha area and WELL worth the drive. If you prefer towering pine trees to skylines, this is THE place to go! It’s beautiful in all seasons, and open year round to visitors. With fields of tall grass, rolling hills overlooking the countryside, and of course those stunning pines, you are sure to fall in love with this location.


5 //  Big Bay Park:  A rustic forest setting with wooden foot bridges, and a trail leading down to the beach and stone piers jutting into Lake Michigan. Need I say more?!


6 //  Third Ward: This pretty neighborhood will suit you if you like historic urban architecture, boutique shops, and also a riverwalk trail. When my couples and I use this location, we typically are able to use all of these backdrops while walking just a few city blocks – I love it! If you’d like to grab a drink (or coffee) with your honey while taking photos, the Third Ward is your best bet!


7 //  Schlitz Audubon Nature Center: In Milwaukee’s Northshore neighborhood, this nature center is complete with a lodge (with a covered porch, which we can use in case of bad weather), hiking trails, wooden bridge, and even a small beach and view of the lake. One of my all-time favorite locations!

1-Kristin-Timm-wedding-milwaukee-schlitz-audubon-nature-center-rustic-organic-authentic-boho-elegant-outdoor-wisconsin-lodge-fine-art-natural-light-midwest-wedding-photographer-photowedding at schlitz audubon nature center in Milwaukee, WI // organic + elegant fine art wedding // photo by Laurelyn Savannah Photography wedding at schlitz audubon nature center in Milwaukee, WI // organic + elegant fine art wedding // photo by Laurelyn Savannah Photography


Do you have additional locations you’d recommend? Send me an email, I’d love to hear from you – laurelynsavannah(at)gmail(dot)com – and thanks for reading!


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