1 month of marriage



We have now officially been married a month (and a couple days)!! WOW the time goes quickly, doesn’t it?! But I’m not here to tell you how fast the days fly by, you know that all too well. Instead I’d LOVE to share some of the ways that we, as a newly married couple, are trying to make life easier and squeeze every ounce of joy out of each moment we have together. (p.s. the photos in this post are from our mini-moon!)







No, we are not perfect. Our lives are messy and busy and overwhelming at times, too, pretty much on a daily basis. But if this advice is helpful or resonates with at least one person, it’s worth sharing!


One)  We make a weekly meal plan. Yes, I realize it sounds like we are an old married couple and have a large household of children already, but I don’t care. I want to know what we plan to have for dinner each night of the week so that each afternoon (ideally) doesn’t turn into a “what should we have?” “I don’t know, what do you want?” dilemma, and an opportunity for a silly argument. Sometimes I have client meetings in the evenings and my sweet husband totally takes over the meal (which I LOVE about him!), so that I don’t have to even think about it. Other nights it’s my turn if he is busy practicing with his bandmates. It’s a total team effort people, and I love it. More to come on this in a later post! Side note – grocery shopping is MUCH easier if you can plan ahead, too! I’m big on fresh produce, so this is a good way to ensure that less of it spoils and goes to waste :)


Two)  Talking about the big fat “m” word. Money is not a fun subject for anyone, as far as I’m aware. We are making our best efforts to figure out what our combined incomes and expenses look like, since we moved in together once we were married. I’m by no means a ‘numbers’ person, and if I could have it my way, currency would be in the form of candy or hugs. Obviously not happening anytime soon, so we sat down and sketched out our approximated budget as well as opening a joint bank account. Definitely not what I would picture as a fun new married couple activity, but a couple hours of blah-blah-finances talk is totally worth the peace of mind. We also know that now we’ve tackled the initial conversation, that we can communicate about money in a healthy and productive way.


Depending on how you were brought up, I realize it can be difficult to approach the subject. Fortunately for me, my parents set a wonderful example for me as a kid and young adult by talking about money in a constructive and not emotionally charged manner. They are some pretty amazing role models, so I have them to thank. (Along with my tax guy, who may or may not be my best friend come next spring.)


Three)  No matter what, we are a team and a family. While we definitely both have room for improvement in this area (me especially), living together has its perks because we can lean on each other and share tasks at home. Having a pup means even more responsibilities (and dog hair, obviously), but its been a total blessing in our lives to have a cuddly companion that hogs the couch! I’m talking about Laney, in case you were wondering :) We laugh together when she hops down across the yard to fetch a toy, or sits half-on half-off the couch, or makes a cute groaning noise when she stretches. So on rough days as well as wonderful days, we’re a little family and in this thing for the long haul together. For better or worse. With puppy grunts and snuggles. I wouldn’t want it any other way.





(film – Portra 400 & Portra 800  ::  camera – Contax RX  ::  lens – 50mm 1.4)


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