Our new family addition: Laney!

It’s time to meet the little lady that has been occupying much of my time (along with my husband, of course!) since we got married!! Meet our pup, Laney! We adopted her two weeks before we got married, and she has grown an impressive 23 pounds in 6 weeks. Jon and I are overjoyed to be able to give this sweet pup a forever home with us where there will always be kisses, playtime, and treats. MANY treats.




I had been begging Jon for MONTHS for a puppy. Let’s be real, it was years, actually. I have always been a dog lover – I grew up having a yellow lab in our family, and two of my sisters currently own pups as well. Finally, on a sunny Friday afternoon, two weeks before we were getting married, Jon and I made a trip to the local Humane Society for a particular dog that we had glanced online. I decided to also sign us up for the excited, panting lab mix at the end of the hallway, having a special spot in my heart for cute yellow dogs. I knew full well that we might likely not even get to meet her because dogs are adopted in a heartbeat there, and her being an adorable puppy, she was sure to be snatched up very soon. We met the dog we had come to visit, and while she was adorable, we learned she would require more skilled training than we were able to give her. At that point, my heart fell and I was certain we would leave empty handed.


Then came Laney into the small little “meeting” room, barely wanting to inch out of her safe, secure spot in the corner room towards us. She was so shy and crawled on her belly, barely convinced that she should approach us, but from the moment Jon and I got to meet and pet her (and she laid those oversized white-socked paws on us), we were smitten and knew we had to adopt her. That was the end of the discussion, really! No words were needed – we looked at each other, broke out into huge smiles, and told the adoption counselor we had decided to add her to our family. She had immediately won our hearts, and I’ll bet you can tell why!!







Were we crazy to adopt a puppy just TWO weeks before our wedding day, knowing full well that the majority of our (my) time would be spent training and puppy-sitting as opposed to arranging last minute details?! YES! But I wouldn’t take it back for the world. It helped me realize that some of the ‘details’ that I had been obsessing over and lovingly arranging, were as finished as they needed to be. I had to let all the months of planning speak for themselves, hand over the reigns to all the wonderful creatives and vendors we were working with, and concentrate on what was most important at the moment – this little cutie pie. I didn’t expect that getting a puppy would help me realize all this, but blessings often come unexpectedly, don’t they? :)


You can also follow more of Laney’s adventures on my Instagram, in case you need some more cuteness in your life!


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