Why I Use Film

October 1, 2014


Simply put, film makes my heart feel full to the brim. Film is not dead – oh no, it is still very much alive and well, and is used by some of the best fine art wedding photographers in the country! You can find amazing examples of film photography from artists like Jose Villa, Tec Petaja, Erich McVey, Jonathan Canlas, Elizabeth Messina, and many more.


Why do I personally love it so much, you ask? Film has allowed me to slow down, think more about the moment that is happening in front of me before I shoot, and be prepared for anything! The elegant way a bride’s dress moves, a sweet kiss, the ceremony exit, and all those happy tears can happen at a moment’s notice. I want each bride and groom to be able to look at a photo and really feel the connection between myself and them in the image, and feel emotion in every inch of the frame.



The true-to-life skintones that film creates, the flattering softness, and the resulting dreamy images don’t hurt either. Film also drives me to get everything as correctly exposed and composed as possible (in-camera), so that I’m putting the majority of the work in before I even take the shot (as opposed to excessive hours spent editing on a computer afterwards). It allows me to give my clients truly one-of-a-kind images and document their day with fine art quality photographs.



The bottom line? Film is a big part of what has allowed me from taking my business from average (and not really standing out from every other wedding photographer) to excellent by expressing my own unique voice. Emphasizing that the biggest difference that sets me apart as a photographer is ME and how I see you and your loved ones on your big day. It’s part of who I am as a creative, and allows me to do what I love and keeps my newlywed couples falling in love with their wedding images for YEARS afterwards!



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