Handling the Stress

With less than 2 months until my own big day, I now understand what my brides go through in the months/weeks leading up to their big day! Believe me, I’m in the thick of it right now, and I just wanted to share some personal tips and encouragement for handing the last minute prep and stress. I’ve definitely had fun during the planning process, but for a stubborn person who dislikes asking for help (it’s bad, I know!), here are a few things I’ve found helpful (and hopefully you will too)!




1 //  When you feel like your to-do list is continually growing and you’re on the verge of bursting into tears, take a step back! Go outside and take a walk, grab your fiance and head to the pool or park, or simply ALLOW yourself some time to relax your mind. It’s so important to take little breaks, even more so when you feel super overwhelmed. Though it might sound counterproductive to do nothing when you have SO much to do, I promise you will be able to return to your tasks with more gusto if you feel calm and relaxed. Plus you get the bonus of a little exercise!


2 //  Ask for help! For someone like me who tends to take on way too much and has trouble saying ‘no’ to work/projects/tasks, this one is difficult, but HUGE. I hired a talented event designer and stylist (Anna) to assist in some wedding tasks, as well as helping manage the overall feel and style of everything at the wedding. Collaborating with her and handing over some tasks has been remarkably helpful, and the effort she has put into our wedding day is more than worth it for what we invested in her services. In fact, I know we have come out ahead, she is the best!


3 //  Communicate! With your fiance, with your families, and with your creatives/vendors. Most importantly, you and your hubby-to-be should be on the same page, and while you might not always agree on each little detail for the wedding, try to reach a compromise that you both are comfortable with. There are bound to be touchy issues when you have so many people giving input and so many different choices to make for the wedding day, but try to keep it in perspective. One great tool that I’m a huge advocate of is Google Drive – I have it on my iMac, my iPhone, my iPad, literally everywhere I can in order to keep track of lists and share docs with my fiance! It has been a real lifesaver, and its easier for both of us to edit and view documents. Check and mark, right?! Just remember – you can do this, and you can do it together :)


Happy Friday, bridal beauties!!




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