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modern madison museum of modern art wedding // photo by fine art wedding photographer Laurelyn Savannah Photography

I fully admit it, I started out with my own wedding planning process looking through some pretty amazing, rose-colored glasses. Only, I later started to think, “wait, are they actually blush? more of a mauve, maybe? I don’t know!” But seriously, how many shades of each color are there? Endless, I tell you. Endless shades.

In other words, the wedding stress has started to set in a bit. Don’t get me wrong, so far I’ve been enjoying 99% of it, and have kind family/friends/fiance who are great helpers, but once in awhile there is a stressful day. A decision that seems too big to decide on (and pay for) all at once. I tend to need some time to sleep on it or mull through things a bit by discussing it with loved ones. Or like yesterday, sometimes I fall apart a little (read: a lot). Goodness gracious, I cried during a conversation with my fiance about groomsman outfits and colors yesterday – really?! Really. Not like one glistening tear, instead it was an all-out, ugly cry. I’m going to go ahead and attribute that to moving day, looming tax deadlines, and lots of overtime – all of those within a span of just a few days.

However, today I stumbled upon this wonderful article that offers simple but perfect advice:


It stuck with me, so I simply wanted to share it with all of you. Whether you are planning a wedding currently, or will sometime in the future, I think this is such beautiful advice. I hope to take it to heart and pull out this tidbit the next time I feel overwhelmed with menus or shoes or (you fill in the blank). It will all turn out as its meant to, and in the end I will have a husband. Pretty exciting :)

“Whenever you feel yourself getting stressed from wedding planning, just focus on what this day represents – a mutual commitment to the love of your life! May you have a beautiful wedding, but an even more beautiful marriage.”


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