Thoughts on Traveling

This week, Darling Magazine shared an article on travel, and it really hit home. It occurred to me that many of my personal wishes and needs are fulfilled when I travel because I am more connected with myself and everything around me. With no screens and no to-do list/agenda, I am able to see past my daily responsibilities and open myself up to new experiences. New tastes, new smells, new places! All of these make my heart beat faster, and I return home a happier and more relaxed version of myself for several reasons.


CHANGE. A change of pace always awakens my senses. Whether it’s a a trip to a new city or a flight to a whole different country, any travel outside of my norm makes me feel alive and more aware of my surroundings. Without the security blanket of my daily “routine” I’m able to more deeply appreciate the change of scenery!




HUMILITY. One of my favorite quotes from this article is “What you own shouldn’t own you.” All too often, I let my devices and calendars take over and dictate my actions and even more sadly, my attitude. I’m not trying to get all sad on you or anything, its just me being real. Nothing alters my mood like a big dose of humility! Life is not about the stuff we have, its about the experiences we have. Traveling opens my eyes to different cultures, people, and environments.


ADVENTURE. I am in love with adventure. Enough said.




ADAPTATION. When traveling, I sometimes find myself in out-of-the-ordinary situations. More exactly, I am pulled outside of my comfort zone, and I feel like a more well-rounded person because of it. With each step of a new journey, I have the opportunity to decide to visit somewhere new, try a unique dish, or interact with unfamiliar people. I love the feeling of having to adapt to my surroundings and let go of preconceived notions.


JOY. I firmly believe in doing what you want to do in life. I don’t mean everyday, all day, otherwise I might never wear anything but yoga pants and eat nothing but Mexican food. What I mean is that I aim to live a fulfilling life, one that fills me up with joy, speaks to my core, and fuels my passion for what I do. “Life’s short. Don’t feel bad about wanting the life you want (not the life you should want).




Why do you travel? Email me your answer at:  laurelynsavannah(at)gmail(dot)com


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