Emotionally Attached + My Why

“Whatever you do, don’t get emotionally attached.”


As I learn more and more about the business side of wedding photography, I’ve come across some advice that rings true (stay up to date on your accounting tasks, schedule time to relax and exercise amid the crazy), and also some advice that I think doesn’t fit for me (don’t get too emotionally involved with or attached to your work). If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far, I DO get emotionally involved, but I think that’s the beauty of my job – I get to share in one of the most fun, emotional, beautiful days with my clients…how could I not feel something?!! I’ll be the first to admit, I laugh just as hard at the best man’s speech about the groom’s antics, and I often tear up as the bride and her dad twirl around the dance floor as he’s looking at his little girl all grown up. Those are the moments that help me define my WHY (why I do what I do) – I am there because those moments are perhaps some of the most meaningful in a couple’s young life.


I don’t always follow every piece of business advice out there, I have to decide what’s right for ME personally. For me, that means allowing myself to laugh with you as a couple, get to know your backgrounds, find out how he popped the question, and hear your dreams of where you will live once you’re husband and wife. Above all things I realize that for me to do my best work and really document your wedding day, I can and will get emotionally involved!! I’ll listen intently as you tell me about your grandmother’s handkerchief that you’ll carry around your bouquet, how the groom’s father is officiating and just might crack a joke mid-ceremony, or how the bridesmaids have each chosen their own dresses from a vintage shop in your hometown. I want to hear it all! :)


So when you see me giggling behind my camera as your dog prances down the aisle or smiling as you clutch your grandmother’s handkerchief, you’ll be able to tell how much I LOVE being there, in that moment, and documenting it all for you to look back on in the many happy years to come!




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