A new beginning, not just a new site

Today is the day I happily get to unveil the results of much hard work, long hours, and countless cups of coffee! If you’ve visited before, you might notice a change in the appearance of my website, blog, and logo – the whole deal!! I have some amazingly talented designers and artists to thank for my new look, including my logo designer Jeremy Treuden, my website designers/experts Morgan and Jayne of October Ink, and my letterpress printer Krista of KVS Letterpress! Words cannot express my gratitude for their patience with me throughout the entire process and their meticulous attention to detail. Thank you again to each and every one of you!! Also a special thanks to my talented friends The McCartneys for squeezing in a photo session with me this winter :)

new website photo 3

However, the biggest accomplishment for me, the part that I am truly the most excited about is this new beginning. Not just a new logo, a new look, or a custom website. While these are important pieces of my brand, the biggest change is that I’ve carefully thought out and restructured my entire business around my core values with one main goal in mind – happy clients! This means happy clients from their first contact with me (often via my website/blog) all the way beyond their wedding day!!

So instead of talking about the new features or pages of my site, I’ll let you explore those on your own and tell you the story behind it instead; some things you can’t know by just browsing the site. As I thought about how I wanted my web presence to look and feel, I started to realize how much it is an extension of myself and my personality (not in some deep philosophical way) and how large of an opportunity this is. What better way to put myself out there and reach out to get to know clients! Whether its your first or your fiftieth time visiting my page, I want you feel as if we’re already acquainted :) I want couples, and readers in general, to get a sense of who I am, what I’m about, and what we have in common just by visiting my website. Below are some of the inspiration images I gathered (mostly from Pinterest) while working with my designers.


Insp board website


Along with a new website, I decided that another big change would be the experience that clients have throughout the time we’re working together! I tweaked each part of that experience to be something that I personally would enjoy as a bride, from timely and friendly verbal/email communication to each piece of my printed correspondence that was carefully chosen to exude my love for simplicity, organic and natural elements, lovely paper goods, and warm, inviting colors.


new website photo 1

new website photo 2


My hope is that when you look through these pages you’ll see LOVE. Not just weddings and pretty dresses and dreamy details, but true, honest, lasting love. I have a passion for my job and my couples because I get to glimpse the deep love that they share with each other and their families and their friends. Not only on their wedding day, but in their daily life. It’s that type of love that gets me out of bed each day and allows me to meet more wonderful people like you!

Thank you for your love and support by reading this post and following me on my journey. It means the world to me :)

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