A little more on branding

“Be prepared for self discovery. The process of “branding” is so much more than a system, a look or an entity;

it’s your heart, alive and soaring. Be prepared for BIG change, immeasurable growth and genuine empowerment.

Because when your journey comes to a close, you’ll be unstoppable- just watch!”

– Kailey Michelle, Vancouver Wedding Planner

(client of Making Brands Happen)


While I am going through a rebranding and reinventing process, I am thrilled that there are so many talented women in this industry willing to share their thoughts and experience! Two of such I am currently taking workshops with on the very same topic  :)  Even more reason to believe the end result will be successful! The first workshop series is hosted by CreativeLive, it’s called ReSTARt and features Jasmine Star and her experience, knowledge and passion for branding within the photography industry! The second workshop, a webinar, is hosted by Making Brands Happen {Lara Casey & Emily Ley} and is geared specifically towards branding and the entire client experience that goes along with a brand. I could not be more excited!!!

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