Real Changes (Not just New Years Resolutions)

2012 brought many many new experiences, but in this post I’d love to focus on a one in particular – branding. What is branding exactly? Read on :)

Just a few days ago, I was having dinner with a couple of my close photographer friends and doing what we do best…talking about photography, eating, and sharing some laughs! My friend C’s husband heard us talking about rebranding, and finally asked,”What is rebranding, and why do people do that?”

I’ve learned that a “brand” goes deeper than just a logo or identity, it delves into personal style, photographic style, web presence, social media, client meetings, marketing material, blogging…literally every piece of my communication with people should exude my personality and the type of business I run. This past year, through various workshops and research, I learned SO much about the business side of wedding photography – particularly how everything in the wedding photography industry comes across in how we {photographers} portray ourselves first and foremost as a person. I am a person who is passionate about what I do, about love, and about creating relationships with my clients.

Keeping that in mind, I have been evaluating several aspects of my business over the past few months, and I’ve realized that my branding {and ALL that encompasses} doesn’t clearly communicate what I’m all about as a person or photographer. It was then that things started to make more sense – including that I was probably confusing my potential/future clients with my current branding, and that I definitely needed to begin fixing that immediately {not just “when I have time” or “when I get around to it”}. My friend put it very clearly that night at dinner when she said “For photographers, our branding is our storefront.” She is SO right, it is the closest thing that many of us have to an physical storefront, and it certainly carries a lot of weight and is a representation of us. SO…long story short, I knew a rebranding was in order – and right away!! I made the decision this past fall to work with other small-business creatives to create a new brand/identity and carry it through in my website, blog, and any correspondence materials. I’m excited to say that my logo/identity, created by a local graphic designer Jeremy Treuden, is complete! My website is now underway as well, at the skilled hands of Morgan at October Ink. In the coming months, I will also be focusing on restructuring and tweaking aspects of my business that could do with some polishing   :)

Not only am I currently rebranding, but I am taking input/feedback from past and present clients and restructuring how I run my business in order to make sure my clients know that they are #1 to me and that their wedding photography experience is going to be one of a kind, fine art, and tailored to them! After all, that’s what I love best about owning my own small, “boutique” {hands-on and customized-to-each-client} business.

And because every post is better with a photo, here is just a tiny peek at my one piece of my new branding!! {And yes, I intentionally did not show much in the photo, I can’t give it all away before everything is completed  ;) }

custom logo stamp - Laurelyn Savannah Photography

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