Our love story

It all began with an exciting weekend trip to Denver for Ashley + Tim’s engagement session. As if I wasn’t enjoying the trip already, it was even better to be able to see some snow-covered trees and breathtaking mountaintops! Keep reading, I promise there is a fun surprise at the end!


Jon and I drove up into the mountains bright and early {well early for me was 9am} to the Gross Reservoir near Boulder, CO.



The roads along the way were decent until we really got into the mountain terrain with just gravel roads and not a guardrail in sight – but we made it safely to the top of the reservoir eventually!



The view from the top of the reservoir ridge was AMAZING! Above is one of my favorites of Jon…just before he gave me the surprise of a lifetime.

I was taking photos of the beautiful landscape, and when I turned around he said that he didn’t just bring me up there for the view… then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!! I could hardly believe it at first, and was quite speechless, but I managed to squeal “yes” before wrapping him in a huge hug for about 5 minutes straight and then quickly snapped the photo below of us  :)



Ummmmm yeah, I’d say he did a good job picking out my ring!! I’ll be lucky if I can focus on daily tasks without glancing down at my hand a million times and grinning! The whole trip was an experience I’ll never forget, and I feel like the most blessed girl on the planet that I get to spend the rest of my life with such a caring and genuine person. I can’t imagine how nice it will be to be able to see my best friend every day, give him a hug, and yes even make him dinner sometimes!

Now I get to be on the other side of the wedding planning world, so I’m excited for this new chapter in our lives and ready for all the challenges it will bring! Also, it feels odd to be able to order copies of wedding magazines & books that I get to keep for myself instead of give to clients…and its an oh-so-wonderful feeling! Goodness knows Jon might have to reign me in from time to time with planning the details, but hey, if we can make it up a mountain road with me driving {and him patiently looking out for our safety}, I think we can make it through planning a wedding together  ;)


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