Fall Camping

A couple weeks ago, I got the chance to take a weekend off and go camping with my family in Door County! My sister’s new boxer puppy, Lily, and my dad’s awesome grilling skills (or lack thereof) were the best entertainment I could ask for  :)  A little tidbit about Lily – she’s really clever and learning quite fast (she already knows the word “treat”) buuuuuuut she chews on everything outside!! Surprisingly not any of our shoes or the usual puppy-gnawing items, instead she chooses wood/trees, rocks, and even the occasional bird feather when she can get her jaws on one. That’s been deemed her new nickname – Jaws.

Even though I camped in a tent, it hardly seemed like “roughing it” since I was able to walk a short distance to the camp store and get a cup of coffee each morning! Also, my new bike got some of its first miles, besides the intense 67-mile ride I had a week ago.

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