Moving & Learning Things Along the Way

The past few days, I have spent plenty of time weaving between boxes to get around my apartment, trying hopelessly not to tip anything over {nothing major is broken yet, so that’s the good news}. Amid the flurry of packing-paper and boxes, I was thinking about how much you learn about yourself, your environment, and belongings while moving. For example:

  1. I own too many things. Plain and simple. So I boxed some of it up and took it over to Goodwill so that it can find a new home. {I mean seriously, why did I have two coffee makers?!}
  2. George Foreman grills are difficult to clean. They have more surfaces to clean than I thought humanly possible. If you’re smart, find a friend you can somehow convince to do it for you in exchange for food or a beverage. It’s worth a try anyways  :)
  3. Why do I have 7 spatulas/scraper things? I love baking, but come onnnn… who does that?
  4. My secret to moving clothing, while keeping it on hangers is to put a trash bag or large shopping bag around 10-15 hangers at a time, cinching the top just below the top/curved part of the hanger. Tape the hangers together on the handles, and voila!
  5. It’s okay to order takeout when your dishes are all packed up! That’s my plan for tomorrow, but only because I have to  ;)
  6. I am trying to add some humor to the whole moving situation because really, when it becomes a yearly activity {like it has for me for the past few years} you gotta do something to keep the mood light. If humor’s not your thing, I find playing some fun music helps the work go faster too.

Now, to get some sleep before the move…that’s the real trick! On a brighter note, I could not be more excited to head to Appleton for a beautiful wedding on Saturday and leave my unpacking for another day!


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