Yearly Goals + Jasmine Star

So here it is, maybe a few months into the year, but I decided to set some yearly goals for my business. For a couple of them, the seeds were planted in my mind because I attended Jasmine Star’s theFIX workshop in Chicago, IL last week. It was an INCREDIBLE experience to have as a photographer! Not only is Jasmine personable, friendly, and just roll-around-laughing funny, but she is SUCH a successful business woman and photographer because she sets her sights high and does everything to achieve her goals. Oh yeah, and she is also a beautiful person, inside and out and crazy talented. But seriously, I think she could have just as easily been a standup comedian as a photographer. What a fun person to be around!

Moving on… here they are: my goals. In writing. Because they are in writing, I feel like it is easier to be reminded of them and be held accountable for them; the goals are out there for the world to see!

1)      Better client care. When it comes down to it, if my clients are happy then I am happy! I want to make them feel comfortable and that they can contact me and expect a quick response. Being such a big part of the wedding day, the photos will reflect not only a couple’s relationship, but their relationship with the photographer. Do they trust me? Do they feel comfortable to do what I ask of them? Are they themselves around the camera & me as well? These are all very important to me, and client satisfaction is going to continue to be one of my main focuses.

2)      Faster turn-around time and easy social media sharing. After all, who likes to wait for things? We all lead busy lives, so I am making it my goal to get clients their photos faster, and make it easier to share them with friends and family via social media and galleries. {More to come on this in a future post!!}

3)      Focus on my strengths, and let go of some things. I started my photography business because I feel like I can be an excellent photographer. Yes, I can always be learning and improving, but to give my clients what they really want {see goal 1!} I need to focus on honing my photo skills. Not my accounting skills. Not my DVD burning skills. You get where I am going with this. I will do my job to the best of my ability, and learn to let go of things that other professionals can help me with {and lots of times tasks that they can complete much faster than I can because that is their expertise!}

4)      Learning. Workshops and conferences are not only great learning experiences, but you are able to meet friends in the photography industry and form meaningful relationships! You can learn from others as well as share your struggles and triumphs with people you meet. I am happy to say I am already making strides on this goal, with attending one workshop this year, and having signed up for a weekend, hands-on workshop at the end of April with the wonderful & talented bobbi+mike!

This is not my entire list of goals and I know that they’re not necessarily measurable goals, but I will let you know how I feel at the end of the year. Hopefully I can say that I have happy clients, new friends, and less stress about trivial matters in my business and more time doing what I love…taking photos :)


Below are a few photos from Jasmine’s workshop theFIX in Chicago.

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